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Cancer Social Listening

Tune into the cancer conversation with verified oncologists on Twitter. Expert curated sentiment analysis and digital opinion leader (DOL) ranking help add meaningful analysis to your social listening strategy.

VIEW captures Tweets, sentiment, and poll data to provide insights into the activities and opinions of more than 1,500 DOLs in oncology.
Features include:
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Curated social listening platform

Easy-to-use data platform designed for the needs of the pharma industry.
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Latest trending oncology news

Keep up with what's trending on Twitter, clinical trial data releases, regulatory news, guideline decisions, and more.
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Expert sentiment analysis

Extract meaning from clinical conversations, with manually coded analysis of DOL reactions.

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Ranked influential oncologists

View a ranked list of the most active and influential oncologists — and rising stars.  
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Real-time Twitter poll data

Explore DOL polls by tumor type or product, and see feedback received from peers.
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Conference Coverage

Interpret the impact of conference news as it happens.
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