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Data redraw services

Unlock the full potential of your oncology conference coverage with REDRAW, the premier solution for clinical trial data figure redrawing.

REDRAW takes the stress out of your post-conference competitive assessment giving you access to a fiercely accurate set of visuals within 48 hours of presentation.
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Text Extraction

Extracting text and data from graphics allows us to manipulate the layout and ensure the graphics you get back are perfectly aligned.
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By digitizing the graphics it opens up opportunities in the future to add further data in as the trial progresses and it makes the asset searchable.
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Recoloring the figures ensures that every single element of the graphic has been adjusted in order to give you data to use and view internally.
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Figure Reconstruction

Our expert data analysts will rebuild the graph from the bottom up ensuring every single data point is perfectly aligned.
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Rapid Delivery

We'll deliver your REDRAW graphics within 48 hours of the conference presentation.
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