Customized competitive intelligence reports and SaaS solutions that give customers the insight they need to remain at the forefront of the pharmaceutical industry.
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Market Intelligence

Stay on top of competitor activity. Our customized report platform collects, prioritizes, and tracks information on your competitive interests. Curated reports delivered directly to your inbox or access an online portal.

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Conference Planning

Conference planning made easy. Our conference spreadsheet planners outline all abstracts and sessions, along with their identified MOA, products, disease, scheduling and more to help you plan efficiently.

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KOL and Drug Tracking

Receive ongoing, comprehensive updates on KOL and drug activity; including publications, clinical trial involvement, social media, and upcoming event attendance (conferences, symposiums, grand rounds, CMEs).

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Omni, our newest solution, makes it even easier to access targeted news, events, clinical trials, tweets, and more for the KOLs critical to your pipeline. Access Omni on desktop or mobile so that you never miss an important development or engagement.

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Technology + Talent

Technology is useful for accumulating, sorting, and presenting information; but analysis requires the experience of experts. Larvol keeps you at the forefront of clinical and industry developments by curating pharmaceutical and biotech competitive intelligence using a proven combination of broad therapeutic-area expertise and technological innovation.

Weekly reporting

Reports and resources are emailed to you weekly as well as uploaded to a dashboard for easy access and filtering.

Proprietary online database

Our database contains an extensive array of news, clinical trials, product milestones, analyzed conference abstracts, and more.

Online platform

Our online platform enables you to sort data in a variety of ways; items are tagged, assigned impact ratings, and organized visually for easy filtering.

Email alerts

Breaking news alerts and pre-conference editions of reports are sent directly to your inbox.

AI data capture

Our software analyzes emerging industry trends and captures information to add to our online database.

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