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LARVOL's planners allowed us to identify crucial presentations and schedule them seamlessly, especially during packed events like ASCO.
Director of Publications & Scientific Communications,
PMV Pharmaceuticals
The LARVOL reports are a tremendous resource to my team, helping us keep track of what each KOL is doing from multiple perspectives – clinical trials, publications, social media, important presentations – all captured in one, integrated source.  Having this information at our fingertips is critical to maintaining quality customer relationships.
Chris Barnes
Senior Associate Director, Medical Digital Customer Engagement, Boehringer Ingelheim
LARVOL is a great app that is useful to me when attending conferences to quickly identify which sessions are relevant!
Maria Aguiluz-Abunto
MD MPH, Exact Sciences
[CONF planners]: A very efficient use of time and attention!
External Intelligence
Eli Lilly and Company
LARVOL conference planners are spectacularly useful. We really value how comprehensive they are and how easy they are to search through, even with all the data. The quick turnaround time means we can start planning right away.
Sasha Huhalov
Portfolio Assessment, Tesaro
We are going on our third year for using LARVOL KOL Insights and trackers for multiple indications and have been extremely pleased with the in-depth data, analysis and customer support. Kudos to the LARVOL Team for creating such an impactful platform and tool for KOL and Market insights.
Director, Global Marketing and Lifecycle Strategy
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