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KOL Coverage & Engagement

Stay up-to-date with all aspects of your KOL activity. OMNI makes it easy with complete coverage of both on and offline news delivered in real-time to your inbox and our user-friendly online platform.

OMNI delivers KOL coverage, analytics, and payment data in one place, so you never miss an engagement opportunity.
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Find upcoming and historical conference data on your KOL including abstract presentations and virtual events.
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Social Media

Twitter provides a direct line to your influencers’ opinions. View tweets authored by the KOL as well as mentions of the KOL by others.
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Upcoming Events

Identify upcoming engagement opportunities from conferences, symposiums, lectures to CME and other events your KOL is attending.
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Find your KOL’s publications in journals, reviews, or clinical data, easy to bookmark and save to your account.
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Clinical Trials

Coverage includes changes to enrollment status, new data, and discontinuations in clinical trials.
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A complete look at recent activity, curated by impact to quickly view publications, trial updates, news, and media mentions.
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See your KOL's involvement in updated guidelines across associations, societies, and organizations.
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Weekly Summary

Find all the week’s news on your KOLs in one weekly report.
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Alert Emails

Receive real-time alerts on KOL activity as it happens throughout the week.
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KOL Analytics

Identify new thought leaders from Top KOL lists by therapeutic area ranked using Twitter, clinical trials, and payment activity.
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Single Sign On

Simplify access for you and your team with one click login to the online platform.
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KOL Engagement Record

Keep detailed notes on individual KOL engagements and mark as private or share with your team.
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Sunshine Payment Data

Visualize and export payment data by year for any KOL.
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KOL Profiling

Find all the important details on your KOL in one, easy-to-export place.
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KOL Identification

By request, our team can help you discover new KOLs in your target area based on publications and participation in clinical trials, conferences, and more.
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