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Stay current with KOL activity through custom weekly reports delivered to your inbox and our online platform.

OMNI offers KOL news, events, analytics, and Sunshine payment data in one place -- so you never miss an engagement opportunity.
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Weekly Summary

Customized to your needs.
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Online Platform

View up-to-date KOL events, publications, and other activity. Includes one click login and CRM integration.
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KOL Analytics

Identify most active Twitter commentators and relative Sunshine Act payment activity.
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Engagement Notes

Annotate platform with detailed private or team notes concerning your KOLs.
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KOL Profiling

Find comprehensive work details and contact information in one place.
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KOL Identification

Refresh your KOL list based on publication, trial, and conference activity.
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Find articles, reviews and clinical data your KOL has published in scientific journals and major news outlets.
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See your KOL's involvement in updated guidelines across associations, societies, and organizations.
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Social Media

Monitor KOL reactions to trial data and industry developments.
Events & Trials
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Find upcoming conference appearances and historical abstract presentations from your KOLs.
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Clinical Trials

Keep up to date with your KOL's clinical activity by tracking changes to their clinical trials -- including data releases.
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Upcoming Events

Identify engagement opportunities by knowing when your KOL is speaking at conferences, symposia, and CME.
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