September 13, 2021

Zoom In: 10 Tips to Make Virtual KOL Meetings more Engaging and Productive

March 29, 2021

Zoom In: 10 Tips to Make Virtual KOL Meetings more Engaging and Productive


Read this article first published on The MSL Journal to uncover tips that will help you maintain and even strengthen your relationships with KOLs with engaging virtual meetings.

Medical Science Liaisons have been especially impacted by COVID-19 restrictions on in-person meetings. Most have shifted to connecting with KOLs virtually using videoconferencing solutions like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meet. Though definitely a change in the day-to-day life of any MSL, this transition has been relatively smooth.

A  survey of 245 KOLs by the Medical Science Liaison Society (MSLS) found that:

  • MSLs are still getting meetings. In fact, 50% of MSLs surveyed were able to maintain an average of 1-3 virtual visits per month, just slightly lower than the 63% who met this goal in-person before the pandemic.
  • And they are successful meetings. 78% rated the effectiveness of virtual discussion with MSLs as either “somewhat” or “very” effective during this time.

Another survey of MSLs which we partnered with MSLS to conduct showed that:

  • 10% of MSLs were able to increase their KOL engagements since the pandemic began.
  • And despite an overall decrease in engagements, MSLs reported that the quality of their relationships with KOLs improved.

This is encouraging news as virtual meetings are definitely a part of the future of KOL engagement. Whatever the post-COVID landscape looks like, MSLs will likely adopt a hybrid model–mixing in-person and virtual meetings for greater convenience and productivity.

We say this is encouraging because we believe this shift can strengthen the connection between MSLs and KOLs. As a global, remote-first team, we’ve learned firsthand how to make the most of video as a platform for getting business done and building real connections. With lots of practice, our team has discovered ways to make our time on video (and increasingly now in virtual reality) both meaningful and effective.

Here are 10 tips from our experience in the video meeting world. These best practices can help strengthen your virtual meeting skills and maximize the efficiency of your meetings with KOLs.

10 Tips for Virtual KOL Meeting Success

  1. Set the Proper Mood – No one expects these meetings to be professionally produced, but you do still want to set yourself up for success. Pay attention to lighting, camera placement, and audio. Try to sit facing natural light, and never have bright lights behind you, which make you look dark. If you don’t have windows, put small lamps behind both sides of the computer angled toward your face. Since the camera is typically at the top of the laptop, tablet, or phone, angle the screen so its top aligns with your eyes, or put a few books under your device to bring it to eye level.
  2. Dress for Success – Looking professional on a video call requires specific attention to wardrobe, at least on your top half. Shirts with bright, solid colors show up well on camera. Most video platforms also have a way to “touch up your appearance” in the video settings menu. That’s a helpful confidence boost, but don’t get carried away. Authenticity is key, and the opposite is easy to read on video.

Continue reading at The MSL Journal here.

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