September 13, 2021

Support for India: COVID-19 Relief

April 27, 2021

Support for India: COVID-19 Relief


LARVOL is proud to be a global company, connecting teammates from 14 countries around the world. Many of our tigers live and work in India, where COVID-19 cases are once again soaring.

To help those interested in advocating for support from the U.S. Government, we’ve gathered these instructions and suggested language for outreach to US Representatives and Senators. Feel free to share with those in your network to encourage continued support!

How to Find your Representative in the House:

-        Visit website

-        Enter your zip code to search for your Representative

-        Click the email icon beneath the Representative’s photo

-        This will take you to their webpage and you can email them directly

How to Find your Senators in the Senate:

-        Visit website

-        Choose your state from the drop down

-        Click Contact beneath the Senator’s photo

-        This will take you to their webpage and you can email them directly

Suggested Language:

I stand with Myron Billiant, Executive Vice President and Head of International Affairs at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, in calling on the administration to distribute U.S. vaccine supplies to international partners, specifically to India, as they are facing a dire crisis.

As Myron stated on April 24, 2021, “As the Covid pandemic inflicts a heavy toll on countries around the globe, the U.S. Chamber strongly encourages the administration to release the millions of AstraZeneca vaccine doses in storage - as well as other life-saving support - for shipment to India, Brazil, and other nations hard-hit by the pandemic. These vaccine doses will not be needed in the United States, where it’s estimated that vaccine manufacturers will be able produce enough doses by early June to vaccinate every American. This move would affirm U.S. leadership, including in initiatives such as COVAX, and as we work with partners around the globe because no one is safe from the pandemic until we are all safe from it.”

We welcome everyone to join us in supporting India with a small donation to our charity with Direct Relief. Read more and make a donation here.

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