September 13, 2021

Spatial Spotlights LARVOL’s #VRFirst, #RemoteAlways Culture

May 11, 2021

Spatial Spotlights LARVOL’s #VRFirst, #RemoteAlways Culture


In our VR offices, co-workers who are thousands of miles apart can finally meet via Spatial’s 3D avatar system.

Since 2004, LARVOL has delivered intelligence, analysis, and software solutions to the most prominent pharmaceutical companies in the world. With a global team that lives and works in 14 countries, LARVOL has always been remote. Over the years, we have consistently delivered excellent results to our customers and maintained a strong company culture without a physical office for our team.

Virtual Reality (VR) now offers an amazing opportunity for LARVOL teammates, or “Tigers,” to keep in touch and collaborate on projects from our remote home offices. LARVOL is utilizing the VR platform Spatial as our virtual “office space.” We recently announced our commitment to being “VR first,” which means we now hold the majority of our meetings and business interactions in “the metaverse.” The Spatial team stopped by our virtual offices to learn more about this decision, as we are the first company to take such a step.

In our VR offices, co-workers who are thousands of miles apart can finally meet via Spatial’s 3D avatar system. Avatars are built using team members’ selfies, and they move, speak, and interact with their environment and other Tigers. Spatial allows for a much greater degree of personal interaction and immediate camaraderie than is possible during a video call. For those who are new to a corporate environment, the virtual office offers a unique chance to adapt to office norms and learn the dynamics of collaboration with a group. In addition, the headsets help cut down on distractions so that team members can better focus on the meeting.

During meetings, team members can move around the room, write signs or draw, clap their hands, make presentations from their computer screen, and even take pictures of the room, including selfies. It’s a dynamic environment that keeps energy high and ideas flowing.

At any time of day, teammates from around the world may be meeting in one of the Spatial rooms. The always-open virtual office helps LARVOL to overcome the challenges of different time zones and the high cost of business travel, which hasn’t even been an option during the pandemic.

In order to help all our Tigers make the leap into VR, we’re in the process of sending each of our Tigers an Oculus Quest 2 headset so they can fully participate in our Spatial meetings. This new way of staying connected will strengthen and unite our Tiger team more than ever before, and we’re excited to be the first company to work in the metaverse!

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