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Pharma’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic involves a wide variety of information and Larvol is here to keep you informed on conference schedules, trials, latest news, and more.


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Status of Scientific Conferences

Over 400 healthcare and pharma conferences have cancelled or postponed their upcoming meetings, or are now hosting virtual meetings because of COVID-19. We have compiled a list on the current status of these conferences which is sent out every Monday.

Weekly Top News

Receive emails every Monday containing COVID-19 related news, clinical trial updates, and highlights from the top coronavirus experts.

Top 50 Treatments in Clinical Trials

Larvol’s COVID-19 visual heatmap and tabular formatted trial trackers will keep you up to date on all of the treatments in clinical trials by condition. Receive email updates every Monday.

Top 50 Vaccines in Development

Our team has developed a tracker for the top 50 vaccines in development for the novel coronavirus. Sign up now to receive email updates every Monday.