September 13, 2021

Get to Know the LARVOL Tigers: Marketing

September 1, 2021

Get to Know the LARVOL Tigers: Marketing


We sat down with Abby Fraser, Vice President of Marketing at LARVOL, to answer some questions about the Marketing team!

The Tiger Team

LARVOL is comprised of dedicated individuals from all over the globe with an equally diverse set of skills. We call ourselves "Tigers" to remind us of the strength and speed we apply to our work. From data analysts to subject matter experts to customer success specialists and beyond, we are proud of all our Tiger Teamss.

This month, we're kicking off a new series introducing the people behind each team. We sat down with Abby Fraser, Vice President of Marketing at LARVOL, to go "behind-the-screens" and meet the LARVOL Marketing Team.

Get to Know Marketing

Tell us about the Marketing team.

Abby: Right now, we are an all-female team, which adds a fun layer of camaraderie to our otherwise very different lives. We are also all fairly new to the LARVOL community, and we've come together very quickly as we try to stay "Fast and On a Mission."

One thing we all share is a sense of adventure, traveling the world in camper vans, on planes, trains, and everything in between. You never know where a team member will be when we get together in our VR office.

What are your team's core responsibilities?

Abby: We like to think about our work in two major buckets: building the LARVOL brand and generating new leads for our sales team to engage. This includes all the traditional marketing tools from social media and digital advertising to email marketing and conferences, with the added bonus of Virtual Reality. Each member of our team specializes in one area, and we truly rely on each other to keep all those boats afloat and working towards the same goal.

What is one team goal you've set for the coming year?

Abby: Like any good Marketing team, we are all about the metrics. While I'm not going to reveal our specific numbers here, I will say we are hoping to unlock what Bruno would call a "secret door" to amplify the LARVOL story more broadly and clearly in the coming year.

Another team goal is to get a few Marketing Tigers together in person in the same place some time this year. Until then we will enjoy our Friday Tic-Tac-Ti games in VR!

Meet the Team

Abby Fraser

Vice President, Marketing

Home Base: Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Fun Fact: Abby is currently traveling the US living and working out of a camper van with her husband and grey-haired chihuahua.

Rosalind Alves

Digital Media Specialist

Home Base: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Fun Fact: Rosalind is the captain of her league baseball team in Toronto.

Jane Meirambayeva

Business Operations Specialist, Events Manager

Home Base: Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Fun Fact: Jane is currently traveling in the Middle East while working remotely.

Smriti Verma

Marketing Specialist

Home Base: Paris, France

Fun Fact: Smriti survived a tear gas attack once and lived to tell the tale!

Kylie Bradbury

Social Media Specialist

Home Base: Noblesville, Indiana, USA

Fun Fact: Kylie has always been interested in weather and wanted to be a Meteorologist growing up.

Shannon Boesch

Virtual Reality Intern

Home Base: Gilbert, Arizona, USA

Fun Fact: Shannon is studying Human Systems Engineering and Sociology at Arizona State University

Arfia Kouser

Lead Generation Team Lead

Home Base: Karimnagar, Telangana, India

Stay Tuned: Arfia spearheads the Lead Generation team at LARVOL, an important subset of our Marketing family, and we'll be spotlighting her team in an upcoming month!

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